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Yak Brewing

Inspired by nature’s best, Barahsinghe’s craft beer is the perfect embodiment of nature and technology working in harmony. We know beer tastes best when all its ingredients come from the heart of nature, and the beer that tastes good only feels good when brewed with the very nature’s wellbeing in mind. Our craft beers are made keeping in mind the rich craft heritage of Nepal while blending and introducing new flavors to its diverse population. Barahsinghe is truly a Nepali beer brand that distinguishes itself through its harmonious diversity. Read More

Our story is the one inspired by nature itself; one without a single create story, where we are ever evolving and inspired through all that we see, feel, smell, and taste. Being a Nepali beer brand, our biggest strength is our belief in a future that we build today through a vision that foresees a future. A future that is gratifying not only for us but to our nation that we share equally. We are proud brewers who take pride in not just what we brew but how we brew.

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Together towards a
greener future

At Yak Brewery, we are dedicated towards achieving a greener future with every step we take. Join us and take part in our sustainability efforts to make Mother Nature relish in her full glory.