Barahsinghe Pilsner Bier

Pilsner beer uses a combination of three malts, Pilsner malt, Vienna malt, and Aromatic caramel malt. Pilsner malt gives the beer its malty-sweet flavor with gentle notes of honey while Vienna Malt exhibitsthe rich orange colour with a toasty or biscuity malt aroma to the beer and gives it’s dry yet refreshing finish. Aromatic caramel malt further adds a stronger “caramely” flavor, hinting of a light cream toffee, nut, and honey while adding a correspondingly darker color. Each malt is knilled at a different temperature to elaborate its crafty nature.

It is a bottom-fermenting beer, which means the fermenting takes place at the wort’s bottom. It is also a dry-hopped beer which means additional hops are added during fermentation. Amongst all our beers, Pilsner takes the longest time to ferment.