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Worth Kettle and Whirlpool


The wort kettle works to sterilise and stabilise the wort at 100°C, which halts the sugar-to-starch conversion. This then allows us to add hops into the mixture, giving our beer its fruity, earthy, and aromatically bitter taste.

Whirlpooling is then used to separate hop pellets and trub from the wort after the wort boil. For better efficiency, our wort kettle also doubles as the whirlpool vessel through internal mechanical distinction. Here, the wort is pumped into the whirlpool vessel at a rapid velocity, usually about 15 feet per second, to cause the wort to start spinning like a whirlpool, prompting the desired separation.


Since a lot of heat is generated during wort boiling, we re-use the heat by re-circulating it to be used during the mashing process through Krones Equi-Therm technology leading to a higher efficacy with 30% lower energy usage.