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Inspired by nature’s best, Barahsinghe (Barahsinghe Eight Dutch Malts )is the perfect embodiment of nature and technology working in harmony. We know beer tastes best when all its ingredients come from the heart of nature, and the beer that tastes good only feels good when brewed with the very nature’s wellbeing in mind.

Barahsinghe Pilsner beer uses a combination of three malts, Pilsner malt, Vienna malt and Aromatic caramel malt. Pilsner malt gives the beer its malty-sweet flavor with gentle notes of honey while Vienna Malt exhibits the rich orange colour with a toasty or biscuity malt aroma to the beer and gives it’s dry yet refreshing finish. Aromatic caramel malt further adds a stronger “caramely” flavor, hinting of a light cream toffee, nut and honey while adding a correspondingly darker color. Each malt is knilled at a different temperature to elaborate its crafty nature.

It is a bottom-fermenting beer, which means the fermenting takes place at the wort’s bottom. It is also a dry hopped beer which means additional hops are added during fermentation rather than during mashing. Amongst all our beers, Pilsner takes the longest time to ferment

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