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At Yak Brewing, we believe in sustainability and efficient energy management. We believe industrialization can stay eco-friendly with the right intent and action. Yak Brewing will always strive to keep that balance intact.

Our brew house is installed with equitherm technology from Krones Germany which enables us to reduce our energy consumption by up-to 30% compared to other conventional brew houses.

We are using VAM (vapor absorption machine), generated by non-fossil fuel boiler to chill the water instead of electricity which is used to chill the wort.

We have installed CO2 recovery plant to recover CO2 from the fermentation process that would otherwise be lost and store it, which is re-used during the bottling process.

We use smart membrane filter to filter our beer instead of kieselguhr resulting in our solid waste stream being reduced by 50% at a significantly low level of energy consumption.

We use anaerobic digester from Paques IC reactor in our waste water treatment in addition to the standard effluent treatment which helps us to further reduce the COD and BOD. The collected methane gas from the digester is stored and used by the boiler which reduces the primary requirement of non-fossil fuel by 15%.

Our brewery is designed south facing to accommodate solar panels on the rooftop to harvest 320 KW AC power. We plan to install the panels by the end of 2021 and supply the excess energy back to the grid.

The rejected RO water is collected and converted into soft water for the boiler house water requirement. All the condensate from the steam line is also collected and sent back to boiler house.