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Visit Yak Biergarten

Drinking beer should be an experience, and what better way to enjoy it than in an authentic Biergarten?

Yak Biergarten is located within the premises of the brewery and welcomes you every day of the week. Indulge in our range of fresh pints of beer while savouring delectable bites.

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday
11AM – 8PM

Our Yak Biergarten fuses the rich traditions of Bavarian culture with sustainably crafted beers from our brewery. Originating from the 16th century, biergartens have long been an integral part of Bavarian culture, serving as communal gathering spaces where people relished beer and food directly from local breweries. These vibrant social hubs have evolved over time, captivating audiences worldwide.

At the Yak Biergarten, we’re dedicated to capturing the authentic essence that has made biergartens beloved worldwide. The origins of our biergarten trace back to Regensberg, Germany, where a German couple owned and operated the cherished tent for two decades. In 2021, when the couple decided to retire, Yak Brewing Company seized the opportunity to acquire the biergarten.

With meticulous care, the entire biergarten was transported from Germany to Nepal, and the reassembly process commenced under the guidance of the same couple.

The meticulous reassembling of Yak Biergarten, including traditional benches, tables, and a small stage, spanned a total of 14 days. Every detail was thoughtfully attended to, ensuring that the original spirit and atmosphere of the biergarten were preserved for our guests to enjoy today.