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Know Your Beer Glass: Beer Mugs

WRITTEN ON 6 December, 2023

Beer mugs come in an array of styles and designs. The most common beer mugs are stein, tankard, and dimple mug, that are used to serve lagers and ales. They have a sturdy handle, wide mouth and thicker body, making it easier to drink while keeping the beer cold for a longer period.

The Stein

Stein is a traditional beer mug made from stoneware, ceramic, or glass. It features a hinged lid, handle and decorative designs. The lid on a stein glass was mainly used to prevent contamination from insects or other foreign objects, and helped to maintain the beer’s temperature. Stein beer glasses are popular in German beer culture and widely used in Oktoberfest celebrations and beer gardens.

The Tankard

Tankard has a cylindrical body with thicker handle, and is large enough to serve a pint of beer or more. The design of a tankard makes it easier for serving beer in larger quantities due to the presence of a handle.

The Dimple mug

Though smaller than other drinking vessels, the dimple mug has a wide brim and handle that make it easy to sip and hold the drink. These mugs typically have a handle and a wide, rounded shape. The wide opening at the top of the dimple mug allows drinkers to experience the aroma of the beer styles such as English ales and bitters.