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Know Your Beer Glass: Pint Glass

WRITTEN ON 6 December, 2023

Pint glasses come in different shapes and sizes. The most common pint glassware: Shaker pint (American pint), Tulip pint and Nonic pint are mainly used for drinking beer styles such as lager, ale, India pale ale, stout, and porter.

The Shaker Pint

Versatile and functional, the shaker pint has a cylindrical, narrow-body and wider top. A wider top helps to retain the foam head while the narrow body helps to hold the beer comfortably.

However, they are not ideal for aromatic beers as the wider top prevents them from concentrating flavours and aromas for a long time.

The Nonic Pint

Also known as English pint glass, the nonic pint glass is a variation on the shaker pint glass with a bump at the top. The glass is designed to improve grip, and prevent the edge of the glass from getting nicked, hence referred to as ‘no-nick’ glass.

The Tulip Pint

The tulip pint has been a staple of beers with rich and complex flavours such as stout and porter. The curved shape of the glass helps to release the aroma of a beer while maintaining the drink’s head foam.

Appropriate Beer Styles

Lagers, Ales, India Pale Ale, Stout and Porter