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Know Your Beer Glass: Pilsner Glass

WRITTEN ON 6 December, 2023

Beer is served in a variety of beer glasses. Understanding the sensory characteristics of the beer and choosing the right type of glassware will certainly make a difference in how the drink tastes and smells.

The choice of glassware impacts the overall beer drinking experience. From retaining the temperature of beer to the ease of drinking, various glassware are designed for different styles of beer to enhance their characters.

Pilsner glasses are tall and slender glassware that comes in different styles and sizes. The most common pilsner glasses are weizen, stange, and pilsner.

The Pilsner

Designed for beer styles such as pilsners and lagers, the Pilsner glass has a broader top and tapered base meant to show clarity, colour and keep foam on top of beer. Its tapered sides showcase the sparkling effervescence of beer, while the etching on glassware helps to release carbon dioxide out of the beer.

The Weizen

Wheat beer is traditionally served in Weizen glass with a wider rim and narrower base to release aroma and trap sediments. It is associated with wheat beer styles such as Dunkelweizen, Hefeweizen, and Weizenbock.

Typically a narrow middle and wider mouth glass, the Weizen glass is easy to hold and carry. Its unique shape shows a wheat beer’s cloudy appearance and perfectly maintains the thick beer foam on top.

The Stange

The Stange is a cylindrical glass specifically made for the Kolsch-style beer. The glass is designed to keep the carbonation and aroma of beer for an extended period. When serving beer, this glass is carried in a special tray called a Kranz.

Appropriate Beer Styles

Pilsner, Lager, Dunkelweizen, Hefeweizen, Weizenbock, Kolsch