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Know Your Beer Glass: Stemmed Beer Glass

WRITTEN ON 6 December, 2023

Stemmed beer glass has a rounded bowl and a thick stem that is mounted on a footed base. The shape of these glasses are designed to accentuate the smell of aromatic brews such as India Pale Ales (IPAs), Belgian ales, Scottish ales, and Barleywines.

The Snifter

Snifter is a short stemmed glass with a wide bowl that is ideal for swirling the beer and releasing its aroma towards the drinker’s nose. Its narrow opening at the top directs the aromas, enhancing the olfactory experience. Snifters are commonly used for stronger, aromatic beers such as Belgian ales, barleywines, imperial stouts, and certain types of sour ales.

The Goblet

Goblet is traditionally decorative with a sturdy handle, wide mouth, and deep bowl. It is designed to prevent the heat exchange from drinker’s hand to glass and also to enhance the drinking experience. The shape of a goblet glass allows ample space for swirling and aerating the beer, which can help release its aromas and flavours.

The Tulip

Tulip is similar to a snifter glass, but with a narrower brim which helps to bring out the full aromas of beer. This glassware is commonly preferred for aromatic and flavorful beers such as Belgian ales, Saisons, Sour ales, and Hazy IPAs. The shape of the tulip glass helps in preserving the beer’s head, concentrating the aromas, and showcasing the visual appeal of the beer.

Appropriate Beer Styles

India Pale Ales (IPAs), Belgian ales, Scottish ales, Saisons, Sour ales, Barleywines