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What Is A Hazy India Pale Ale (Hazy Ipa)?

WRITTEN ON 4 August, 2022

A Hazy IPA is a highly popular style of India Pale Ale (IPA). It is characterised by its cloudy (hazy) appearance, juicy and tropical flavours, and a moderate level of bitterness. The brewing process involves dry-hopping, which imparts a range of hop flavours and aromas.


India Pale Ale (IPA) has a fascinating history that can be traced back to the traditional pale ale style. In the early 18th century, British brewers faced the challenge of creating a beer that could maintain its freshness and quality during the long journey from England to India.

To address this challenge, brewers began experimenting with higher hop additions and increased alcohol content in their pale ales. The additional hops acted as a natural preservative, preventing spoilage and providing stability during the extended voyages.

These hoppier and more bitter versions of pale ale eventually came to be known as India Pale Ales. Over time, the style continued to evolve, giving rise to variations such as the malt-forward English IPA and the modern Hazy IPA with its emphasis on bold hop flavours.

HAZY IPAs VS. IPAs: What’s the difference?

Some guiding variables that distinguish Hazy IPAs from IPAs are:

1. TYPE OF MALTS USED: Hazy IPAs incorporate malted barley, wheat, and oats to achieve their hazy appearance, while IPAs typically use malted barley alone.

2. FLAVOUR PROFILE: Hazy IPAs exhibit tropical and citrusy notes, whereas IPAs often feature floral and earthy characteristics.

3. HOPS ADDITION TIME: In Hazy IPAs, hops are added after fermentation to enhance aroma, whereas in IPAs, hops are added during the boiling process to contribute bitterness.

4. BEER FILTRATION: Hazy IPAs intentionally avoid filtration, resulting in the beer’s haze and retained hop characteristics, while IPAs are usually filtered for clarity and crispness.

5. BODY: Hazy IPAs generally possess a creamy and soft mouthfeel, with a fuller body compared to the lighter to medium-bodied IPAs.

6. STRENGTH: Hazy IPAs tend to have lower alcohol content compared to IPAs, although this can vary depending on the brewer. Historically, IPAs were known for their higher alcohol by volume.

By considering these factors, enthusiasts can appreciate the unique qualities and distinctions between Hazy IPAs and IPAs, each offering its own delightful taste experience.
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